Presenting a paper

Prof. Kwankam giving the keynote address at AfriHealth 2011 in Nairobi.

GeHCs consultants have authored many publications, papers and articles in their fields of interest.

Africa Health magazine

Professor Kwankam has been a featured columnist for Africa Health magazine. Here are some of his articles:

  • “eHealth and hospitals: contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities.” Yunkap Kwankam on the investment challenge needed to realize the benefits effective eHealth can bring. Vol 33 no. 3, Mar 2011
  • “Phone-based telemedicine: Is this the panacea for African eHealth?” Yunkap Kwankam discusses what might be the stethoscopes of the twenty-first century. Vol 33 no. 2, Jan 2011
  • “Med-e-Tel: a Conference very much worth attending” Interested in the brave new world of eHealth? Yunkap Kwankam flags up an upcoming conference of relevance. Vol 33 no. 1, Nov 2010
  • “The Global eHealth Ambassadors Programme kicks off”. Yunkap Kwankam on a new initiative to raise the profile of eHealth solutions. Vol 32 no. 6, Sept 2010
  • “World Bank eHealth training web seminar on ‘ICT for health in Africa’ ”. Yunkap Kwankam recently attended a particularly constructive webinar and herewith the detail. Vol 32 no. 5, July 2010
  • “eHealth can help you make the right decisions through support systems” Yunkap Kwankam keeps pace with health information. Vol 32 no. 4, May 2010
  • “The electronic health record” Yunkap Kwankam talks about the heart of eHealth. Vol 32 no. 3, Mar 2010
  • “eHealth: resources you can use” Yunkap Kwankam continues his “good guide”. Vol 32 no. 2, Jan 2010
  • “mHealth – the future of eHealth” Yunkap Kwankam explains its development. Vol 32 no. 1, Nov 2009
  • “Do you speak eHealth?” Yunkap Kwankam takes us through the first steps. Vol 31 no. 6, Sept 2009

Journal articles and other publications

Here are some of the more important  journal papers authored and co-authored by Professor Kwankam:

  • Kwankam SY; Successful partnerships for International Collaboration in e-health: the need for organized national infrastructures. Bull World Health Organ 2012;90:395-397.
  • Merrell RC, Lee A, Kwankam SY, Mwape B, Chinyama C, Latifi R, Piso MI, Serban F. Satellite applications for telehealth in the developing world.  J Telemed Telecare. 2006;12(6):321-4.
  • Altman R.B., Balling R, Brinkley J.F.,Coiera E, Consorti F., Dhansay M.A., Geissbuhler A, Hersh W, Kwankam S.Y, Lorenzi N.M, Martin-Sanchez F, Mihalas G.I., Shahar Y, Takabayashi K, Wiederhold G. Commentaries on Informatics and Medicine: From Molecules to Populations. Meth Inform Med 2008; 47:296-317
  • Kwankam SY, Pablos-Mendez A, and Kay M, E-health: information and communication technologies for health in Tim Unwin, General Editor, ICT4D: Information and Communication Technology for Development, Cambridge University Press, 2008
  • Kun L, Ray P, Merrell R and Kwankam Y; Improving the Healthcare & Public Health Critical Infrastructure: MANAGING KNOWLEDGE through Interoperability, IEEE-EMB Magazine, Dec. 2008.
  • Kun, L., Ray, P., Merrell, R., and Kwankam, S.Y., Improving the health care and public health critical infrastructure; EMB-M Nov.-Dec. 2008 21-25