Health Infrastructure and Technology (World Health Organization)


Development and updating of tools for managing health infrastructure and technology (HIT) in WHO programs and countries

Services provided:

  • Prepared background paper for the inception meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Health Technology;
  • Served as rapporteur at the meeting;
  • Provided advice on what effective national health technology and health technology management (HTM) programs and systems should ideally entail;
    – what tools are needed to strengthen and optimize them;
    – what tools (WHO and non-WHO) exist/are available;
    – what are the challenges/problems in tools’ country application/implementation and wide availability, are these tools up-to-date or have gaps in their content /do not reflect current priorities and knowledge, and thus need review / revision / update;
    – what specific areas are nor covered by existing tools at all and thus require the development of new tools;
    – what WHO should do about this, when and how;
    – who WHO’s prime partners are in this work; etc.