eHealth Market Survey (Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine)


Clarification of the “business environment” and identification of funding and collaboration opportunities for STI

Performed market analysis of the business environment to identify internationally well-known/ high profile institutions in the field of eHealth thematic and geographic concentrations, focussing on Europe.

Services provided:

  • Funding opportunities:
    Identified and described various funding agencies, institutions, foundations, etc. that were likely to fund eHealth initiatives and where STI/SCIH would be eligible to receive funding, and taking into consideration institutions which would be interested in research, teaching or evaluation expertise.
  • Partnerships/ alliances:
    Taking into account the various competencies within STI, identified institutions that are likely to qualify as complimentary partners in STI’s quest to expand internationally in the field of eHealth, and described the expected/projected benefits of the specific partnerships.
  • eHealth software and applications:
    Provided a list of further software applications considered essential to supplement selected software packages listed in the draft strategy (preference given to open source software) according to the subspecialties, replete with description of typical application areas and the suitability for use in identified countries.
  • East African Telemedicine & eLearning Network (EATEN):
    Commented on the concept paper (proposal) for above project and provided further planning inputs in terms of

    – eHealth applications and expected benefits
    – Resources and partner institutions
    – Countries that are likely to be receptive as further partner countries.