National eHealth Strategy for Mongolia (Luxembourg Development Agency)


eHealth strategy for Mongolia

Sponsoring organization: Luxembourg Development Agency
Project description: Mongolia health projects

We provided technical assistance and support towards the development of a national eHealth strategy for Mongolia, starting with a country situation analysis.

Services provided:

  • Pulled together various initiatives from donors in the eHealth and telemedicine fields in a consistent way, with consideration to their objectives, their relevance to the needs, their added value, their sustainability, and how they fit within the Government’s policy and objectives.
  • Integrated the concept of telemedicine into the current Mongolian context, and indicated how it can evolve within an e-Health development plan; specified in which fields, and how it can adjust to a changing environment as well as initiate changes and structure behavior.
  • Proposed roles and functions for each of the stakeholders ensured that there was no duplication and/or waste of resource, and defining operations coordinating mechanisms.
  • Assisted the working group and Information, Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Health in the finalization of the eHealth Strategy Document.
  • Prepared a chart that all these projects should share, based, if they are found relevant, on the principles, which made the first phase of the cardiovascular project a success.