eHealth Strategy for the Aga Khan Foundation Development Network


eHealth Strategy and Programme for the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)

Aga Khan Development Network

Services provided:

  • Conducted a desk review of the AKDN health programme and the potential added value of ICT to this effort.
  • Interviewed selected principals of the AKDN programmes in health and relevant areas.
  • Analysed the demand for, availability and potential use of, eHealth tools and services within the health agencies of the AKDN. (The iPath and iTeach platforms are the subject of a focused analysis and business plan. Other tools to be considered include, the Map of Medicine, the HINARI (where applicable), eLLuminate, eGranaries, etc.) The analysis covered:
    – potential number and type of users – by profession and clinical discipline,
    – potential types of applications – diagnosis, treatment, types of diseases and conditions, education and training,
    – anticipated uptake in terms of number of consultations, etc.
  • Projected the future use of ICT-based tools and services within the health agencies and programmes of AKDN covering areas such as:
    – improving the quality of health services;
    – developing the capabilities of the health workforce;
    – introducing health promotion/disease prevention at the community level;
    – accessing health information;
    – strengthening institutional capacity – health information systems
  • Explored synergy with, and ways to leverage efforts in, other AKDN areas of focus
    – education,
    – economic development,
    – rural development,
    – civil society,
    – micro-finance and
    – humanitarian assistance.
  • Defined approaches to monitor and evaluate the AKDN eHealth programme.
  • Prepare an eHealth strategy document and programme elements with the usual components (see Annex 1), including preliminary ideas on costing information and how to implement the programme.
  • Consulted with the Director, AKF Health, as necessary – to discuss progress and examine any interim/partial products, as appropriate.