African Development Bank eHealth Strategic Framework


Develop an eHealth strategic framework for AfDB support of health sector projects in Africa

African Development Bank Health Sector

Services provided:

  • Reviewed relevant Bank documents and reports including:
    – the Bank’s Medium Term Strategy (MTS);
    – Health Sector policy;
    – Review of the Health Sector (2006);
    – Information Technology Strategy, among others.
  • Reviewed the relevant policies and strategies of the Bank in general, and those of the health sector, and those related to ICT in health in particular;
  • Reviewed and identified Health Sector-specific opportunities and challenges in Africa that address the ICT in health;
  • Identified a few applications that have had significant impact in Africa or elsewhere and that have the potential of being scaled up;
  • Collected and reviewed existing eHealth strategies and develop an analytical report;
  • Developed a strategic framework to support ICT for Health as well as actionable recommendations on how to include ICT in policy dialogue and planning with country counterparts on sectoral development goals and priorities;
  • Prepared the final report on proposed Strategic Framework for eHealth.