GeHCs CEO discusses eHealth with Global Investor Podcast

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Dec 092012

Professor S. Yunkap Kwankam, CEO of GeHCs, was recently interviewed for CreditSuisse’s Podcast Global Investor  on the topic of eHealth for all. Professor Kwankam discussed the role of  information and communication technology (ICT) and mobile phones in the delivery of health care today. He described the six challenges he sees facing ICT :

  1. Creating a “knowledge commons” for eHealth, a widely available repository of information on eHealth that is global in scope.
  2. Scaling up eHealth interventions, based on evidence, to a size commensurate with the magnitude of the problems to be addressed.
  3. Creating integrated eHealth systems to resolve the perennial issues of siloed systems and lack of interoperability.
  4. Transforming health workers into ePractitioners and building individual and institutional capacity to use eHealth tools and services.
  5. Developing information and communications technology (ICT) for health by viewing health as a production function, and investigating where ICT can support it.
  6. Building ICT for the health system of the future by anticipating future needs, thereby reducing the time lag from problem identification through intervention to seeing the impact.

Source: S. Y. Kwankam, “Bulletin of the World Health Organization,” vol. 90, 2012, pp. 395–397

ICT4Health conference keynote address

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Sep 142012

GeHCs CEO delivers keynote address at ICT4Health conference in Cape Town, South Africa

GeHCs CEO, Prof. S. Yunkap Kwankam, delivered a keynote address at the ICT4Health Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The South African Medical Research Council hosted the inaugural ICT4Health Conference on September 12 – 13, 2012. This meeting followed on the success of the annual Telemedicine and eHealth Conference and has evolved to include other key role-players in this exciting space.

This conference brought together over 160 thought leaders in government, academia, industry, private sector, providers and non-profit organizations from across the ecosystem to advance collaboration in the use of information and communication technologies in healthcare. Prof Kwankam’s address titled “Beyond a national eHealth strategy: Structures for strategy implementation” identified five key structures that not only need to exist, but must work in close collaboration for successful implementation of the newly approved nation eHealth strategy of South Africa. He shared the podium with the Chairman of the MRC Board, and the chairman of the MTN Foundation, a major sponsor of Telemedicine and mHealth program at the MRC.

For more information visit .

WHO-ITU national eHealth strategies toolkit workshop

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Jul 242012

GeHCs CEO at WHO workshop on the World Health Organization-International Telecommunications Union national eHealth strategies Toolkit, Geneva July 24-26, 2012.

Prof  S. Yunkap Kwankam took part in a workshop organized by the World Health Organization.

 More information on the toolkit is available on the WHO website.

GeHAP Annual Meeting

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Jun 252012

GeHCs CEO at annual meeting of Global eHealth Ambassadors in Lisbon, Portugal

GeHCs CEO, Prof. S. Yunkap Kwankam in his capacity as Executive Director of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), attended the Annual meeting of the Global eHealth Ambassadors Program (GeHAP). The GeHAP is an initiative of the ISfTeH, with seed funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Advocacy plays a particularly important role within the broad framework of using ICT to strengthen health systems, especially in the Global South. Chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the eHealth Ambassadors are globally recognized personalities who serve as high-level advocates for eHealth. They articulate consistent, ethical and evidence-based policy and advocacy positions with regard to the use of ICT in health; promote the development of integrated eHealth systems in countries; and advocate a higher profile for eHealth in health development activities, country budgets, bi-, and multi-lateral partnerships, and aid and development programs. This program which was the brain child of Prof. Kwankam, when he was head of eHealth at the World Health Organization in Geneva, has a number of iconic figures as Ambassadors.

More information on the GeHAP program can be found here.

Global eHealth Ambassadors Program (GeHAP)

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Mar 212012

Advisory Committee meeting at Imperial College, University of London. In his capacity as Executive Director of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), Professor Kwankam attended this advisory committee meeting to promote the GeHAP, which aims to increase global awareness of eHealth. The GeHA are high-level advocates for eHealth, serving to promote ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in health, integrated eHealth systems, increased consideration of eHealth in health development, national budgets, partnerships and aid and development programs.

More information on the GEHAP can be found here.

Round table conference with DfID

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Jan 222012

Round table video conference on mobile phones for public health with DfID (Department for International Development, UK), GeHCs & other stakeholders. This roundtable brought together stakeholders from the business domain, mHealth and eHealth experts to discuss opportunities to scale up technology in Africa and identify benefits of an open repository on eHealth.

GeHCs CEO delivers keynote address at AITEC AfriHealth Conference

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Dec 122011

GeHCs CEO delivers the keynote address at the AITEC (Association Internationale de Techniciens, Experts et Chercheurs) AfriHealth Conference in Nairobi, November 30, 2011.

AfriHealth brings global researchers, medical providers and ICT personnel together to promote dialogue on improving healthcare in Africa. This conference focused on research and development, implementation of ICT technologies and resources, showcasing best practices and practical case studies.

Here’s a link to his presentation:  ISfTeH_YunkapKwankam_Afrihealth2011